FM Academy

The interactive learning workshop
for Facility Management

The FM Academy is a place of learning experiences for you,
of encounters and exchange of ideas.

As a technical school, we offer training to prepare
for the Federal Vocational Examination "Caretaker".
Further offers are in the areas of NIV-15, equipment testing,
Plant protection and much more!

Engineroom aisle

INFO event

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25. Januar 2024 | 11. April 2024 in Dübendorf

7. Dezember 2023 | 7. März 2024 in Urtenen-Schönbühl

jeweils von 17:30 – 19:00 Uhr

Experience building technology live with a tour of our engine
Room and get to know our offer.

To the registration.

Competent promotion and knowledge transfer

Providing first-class quality services is not enough in the
Facility Services industry long ago. Equally important
Efficient teaching methods, occupational safety, environmental protection and
Energy. These aspects form the backbone of the certified
management system of the FM Academy.

Our further education

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Home Maintenance & Additional Modules
Building services engineering
Occupational safety

Modular courses

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Building services engineering
Maintenance and troubleshooting
Plants & Areas
Plant care, exterior cleaning
Building cleaning
Basics Hagiene
Infrastructure & Services
Reception, mail service, small orders


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INFO event

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FM Academy Engine Room Gang 1920x400

Thursday, 7 July 2022 5:30 pm

Experience building technology live with a tour of our Engine Room and cultivate your network at the aperitif afterwards.

We ask for registration by mail:

The FM Academy team is looking forward to meeting you!

Link to the invitationg


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