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Since 1992, we have been offering training at our technical school to prepare for the federal professional examination "Caretaker". Other courses are offered in the areas of NIV-15, equipment testing, plant protection and much more! Since, for example, a caretaker with a federal certificate of proficiency usually has a supervisory function, we also place great emphasis on acquiring skills in personnel management during the training.

For the participants who have successfully attended the school's internal preparatory examinations, the Pass rate at the federal vocational examination (over the years 1992-2019) 95 - 100% .
These exceptional exam successes confirm the practical relevance of our training and the high quality of the instructors. You can find more information on our further training courses here.

Team FM Academy

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Eszter Barthazy


Samuel Stroppel

Head of FM Academy

Raymonde Brem


Daniela Eggs


Lutharsan Sivalingarajah


Nikola Bogdanovic

Event / Development

Lecturers / Speakers

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Bernhard Frauchiger

Dipl. Electrical Installer HFP Course instructor SVEB 1 Certificate Building Services Electrical Installations ZH

Domenico Raco

Construction and project manager

Building maintenance

Claudio Breda

Commercial Clerks

Study of psychology

Federally qualified caretaker

Head of FM Open Academy

Eszter Barthazy

Dr. sc. nat. ETH Chemistry, physics, water, environment

Erich Vogel

Dipl. sanitary fitter 

Module courses building services engineering: heat systems, heat pump,  Sanitary facilities


Francesco Mehls

Landscape gardener Caretaker FA Horticulture  Building Maintenance Internship

Karin Weber

Federal dipl. HKG Trainer with federal certificate of proficiency Company management, vocational trainer course

Marcel Weber

Dipl. Technician HF Systems Engineering
Course Leader SVEB 1 Certificate

Building services engineering

Electrical and HVAC installations ZH

Markus Maurer

Dipl. Ing. HTL

Course Leader SVEB1 Certificate
Ventilation technology

Max Amstutz

Air conditioning technician HF HVAC installations

Oliver Jud

Head of Technology and Maintenance Bathroom

Module Hygiene 1 and 6

Romano Casutt

Dipl. Sanitary Fitter HFP

Building Services Sanitary Installations ZH

Ruedi Schuler

Dipl. Chemical Laboratory Technician HFP Chemicals, toxicology

Severin Gallo

Dipl. Bauing. ETH, eMBA Uni Zurich Operational management, Building services engineering, services

Stefan sledge

Dipl. Ing. FH HS Building services engineering  Electrical installations BE

Stephan Schmitter

Trainer with Federal Diploma Building services engineering Sanitary installations BE

Thomas Bader

Dipl. Electrical Installer HFP Dipl. business economist Course instructor SVEB 1 Certificate Building Services Electoinstallation

People, values, goals

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We, in the perception by participants by lecturers through partners / associations

Employee Stakeholders

by participants

they anticipate my needs.

they give me insight.

they deserve my trust.
Customers Stakeholders

by lecturers

they guide and encourage me.

they're open with me.

I'm part of the family.
Third stakeholders

through partners / associations

I grow with their commitment.

they involve me.

they appreciate my input.

Mission Statement

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The corporate culture of gammaRenax is characterized by three principles.



We advise, plan the services provided from decentralized locations. We are constantly improving our services through customer-oriented innovations.



We maintain a performance-oriented partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. Through constant availability, regular dialogues and openness, we continuously deepen mutual trust.



We recognise our employees as essential bearers of our values. Through specific selection, continuous training, goal-oriented management and fair compensation, we achieve top performance in quality, ecology, occupational safety and health maintenance; and thus achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Certified systems

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Providing first-class quality services is no longer enough in the facility services industry. Efficient didactics, occupational safety, environmental protection and energy are just as important. These aspects form the backbone of the FM Academy's certified management system.


Training (EDUQUA) 

The satisfaction of our participants and lecturers is as important to us as the social responsibility of our company. Our approach to ethical issues is in accordance with ISO 26000 (Business Responsibility).

  • Communication of own values & exchange with all stakeholders
  • Operation of a direct contact point:
  • Explaining & consistently implementing your own

Goal: High participant and lecturer satisfaction: high examination success rate and low lecturer turnovertt


Quality management (ISO 9001):

We meet high standards for the benefit of all stakeholders, beyond the corporate duty of care. With the active participation of all stakeholders, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Ensure continuity, best practice & leadership
  • Proactivity, Suggestion & Capture Customer Viewpoint
  • Promoting personal responsibility, self-reflection &

Goal: High customer satisfaction, low administrative error rate, no cancelled lessons.


Environmental and energy management (ISO 14001 / ISO 50001):

Economical and sensible use of resources has a positive effect on health, the purse and the environment.

  • Understanding of the framework conditions & interrelationships
  • Develop efficient, technical and methodical solutions
  • Awareness raising & involvement of all stakeholders

Target: Improve environmental and energy KPIs by 5% per year.


Occupational Safety & Health (ISO 45001):

Occupational safety and health maintenance are indispensable components of corporate responsibility.

  • Recognition of hazards and their relevance
  • Definition & implementation of effective working methods
  • Commitment & enforcement by the lecturers

Goal: No accidents during the lessons, raising awareness of everyday situations.

Company history

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1992 Foundation of A. Meyer, Schulung für Gebäudewartung und Gebäudeunterhalt AG by Albert Meyer, graduate architect FH, in Lachen and start of the first course for caretakers. Albert Meyer was instrumental in the development of the profession of caretaker with a federal certificate. The school operates under the name Higher technical college for plant maintenance and management on.

  • 2011 Fabia Barthazy-Meyer takes over the school and Peter and Eszter Barthazy take over the management. The secretariat is moved to Baden-Dättwil.
  • 2015 The school operation is transferred to the company HFS Weiterbildung GmbH transferred.
  • 2020 Move to the FM Academy Dübendorf with fully equipped practice and seminar rooms.
  • 2021 HFS Weiterbildung GmbH is transformed into FM Academy AG.


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By clicking on the addresses, you can view the respective location plan of the school locations or lesson locations. Attention: Please note the school room and location information on the lesson plans!

School secretariat

FM Academy AG
Ringstrasse 15
CH-8600 Dübendorf
T: +41 44 543 70 00

School locations

FM Academy AG
Ringstrasse 15a
8600 Dübendorf

FM Academy
Pit road 109
3322 Urtenen-Schönbühl

FM Academy SA
Chemin de Budron H16
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne


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The FM Academy is involved in the following associations

Joint commitment to the further development of industry standards; the FM Academy is actively committed to this through its participation in the following associations and federations.


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The salary of a caretaker

An important question in professional life is of course always the salary, or the possibilities in salary development. When choosing a career as a caretaker there is also a

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